Güven Group co. ltd

We, as Funnel System Production and Executer, provide service with the consciousness of being in service in direct relation to human and environmental health all over the world, notably in Turkey.

The main source of our motivation is that we have the consciousness of service that we provide for our customers. The consciousness of institutional responsibility that we have brings trust of consumers into our products.

Our main aim is to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction. By keeping up with technological advances and integrating these innovations into our production and execution departments simultaneously, and by adhering to our values that bring us to these days, productive usage and minimum customer complaint are our primary aims.

Our head firm in Ankara has various products (waste and laundry disposal chute systems) particularly stainless steel funnel systems.

  • Since the foundation year of Güven Group (1992), it has extended and has been extending its reference field by adding new projects that always provide the best service.
  • Our company has the permission to produce the funnel systems of all the gas distribution institutions in Turkey.
  • All the stainless steel systems placed in our production line (Chimney flue system, generator funnel system) have been presented to you.

You can contact with us about the points such as other ideas, suggestions etc.


tek-duvarli-negatif-ana  cift-duvarli-negatif
       Single Walled Negative Funnel Systems                            Double Walled Negative Pressured Funnel Systems

tek-duvarli-pozitif-ana  cift-duvarli-pozitif-ana
      Single Walled Positive Pressured Funnel               Double Walled Positive Pressured Funnel Systems

copp-son  baglanti-ana
Waste chute & Laundry chute Systems                                        Chimney Connectors

Industrial Chimney Systems

Our company, Güven Group, which is pioneer in sector with its experiences, has been successful by putting signature under the projects that is harmonious with modern and urban aesthetic.

We show sensitivity to produce and execute the products presented to you above by paying attention to human and environmental health.


The feedbacks from the projects under which we put signature and customer satisfaction are the indicators of our position, as a company, in steel funnel systems and in our other products. You can request for price for your projects from our company. Our sales marketing department will make a comeback to you by designing the fastest and the most suitable system.

Thanks to our systems that save maximum energy and value human life, you can scrutinize our models that contribute to economy from our web site.